Important Information

June 1, 2010

The District is deeply involved in long term planning to reduce the amount of water used for landscape irrigation. Water is the common bond that brings together Sun Valley’s diverse population. Properly managing water resources continues to be critical to our overall quality of life. The first five months of 2010 have demonstrated your willingness to reduce water usage in your homes, with winter consumption rates at record lows.

As part of its consumptive use permitting process, The Idaho Department of Water Resources requires all permit holders to use water as efficiently as possible. Water supply utilities are requested to implement conservation rate structures, perform water audits to ensure system efficiency and develop programs for the use of reclaimed water.

Working in conjunction with the City of Sun Valley, the District sponsored Ordinance 421,

limiting the amount of irrigated area for new construction to ½ of one acre.  This action mirrors limits placed on new water rights issued by the Idaho Department of Water Resources and charts the future for water use in Idaho.

The permitting process to apply reuse water from the Wastewater Treatment Plant to the Elkhorn Golf Course has begun. Engineering for storage and distribution facilities is also underway, and construction could potentially begin this fall.

Much time and effort has been spent in search of an irrigation rate structure that will reward conservation, be fair, equitable, and result in across the board reductions in water demand.

The working rate structure model contains several components;

1)    A three year average usage, irrigation records from 2006, 2007, and 2008 will be used to determine a baseline for each accounts historic use.

2)    A 15% system wide reduction in use, all customers will be asked to voluntarily reduce consumption by 15% of their three year average.

3)    Increase the base water rate from $.90 per 1000 gallons to $1.15 per 1000 gallons, the current rate is among the lowest in the state and offers little reward for conservation.

4)   Establish punitive rate structures for excessive use, a rate of 2 times current rate for usage in the 86-100% of three year average, 3 times current rate for usage in the 101-115% of three year average, and 4 times current rate for usage in excess of 116% of three year average.

5)    Enhanced Customer Information, because the District bills on a quarterly basis (February 1, June 1, September 1, December 1); current irrigation use information is not received in a timely manner to correct irrigation issues. If you would like monthly information on your irrigation usage contact Chris Benson, (208) 622-7610, ext.102 or .

This plan is a work in process and your input is welcome.

Our Purpose Is To Provide Our Customers With A Plentiful Supply Of The Highest Quality Water

Water cycle_ The water cycle, from USGS Water Science Basics